What’s All This Hype About Coaching?

As a rigorously trained certified life coach, I must say that I’m biased. I believe everyone can use the services of a life coach. There is no question in my mind that we could all use some help moving forward in lives, internally and externally. I believe without movement, we stagnate. I also believe that the nature of coaching continues to be misunderstood by many. And so I’ll take the opportunity to set the record straight:

Coaching is about making Powerful Changes that will take your life to the next level

Coaching is the on-going professional partnership between a coach and a client in a process of both thought-based (internal) and behaviorial (external) change that will maximize your potential. By design, it helps you improve and enhance the quality of your life – taking you ‘to the next level’ of satisfaction and fulfillment. This is achieved through a variety of learned methods and applied during the coaching sessions. These methods are drawn from concepts, models and principles strongly based in a multi-disciplinary foundation: behavioral sciences, management, spiritual traditions, the arts and humanities.  With proper training, a skilled coach will guide you to extraordinary results.

Coaching is about creating Clarity that resonates with who you are

What makes true coaching remarkably effective, is that the agenda as well as the journey toward powerful change is set by the client her/himself. A good coach will simply but skillfully guide you toward what is resonant and true for you. In other words, the coach has no idea where the coaching will lead and has no set agenda for where it will go; that is up to you and will be exposed through skillful coaching.  Only you have the answers that are true for yourself. And what is true for you will be unique to who you are as an individual, based on your own set of values, beliefs, purpose, and unique gifts.

Coaching is about Action and Forward Movement

While there may be a lot of talking going on in the coaching sessions, once you become clear on what you want so that you can live your life in a way that is consistent with who you are, we set goals and develop action plans toward creating excitement and fulfillment on your own terms.


Now, who wouldn’t want this for themselves?

Stay tuned for more:

  • How do coaching and therapy differ?
  • What methods do coaches use to guide you toward clarity and resonant action?
  • What is expected of the individual in the coaching relationship?

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