The Power of Change

I am relaunching my Coaching practice after being away from it for 3 years, having taken almost 2 and a half of those years to sail with my family through Mexico, the South Pacific and Australia. The decision to leave everything I knew and felt comfortable with was a powerful and refreshing one, and yet with the change back to life on land, my commitment to coach again feels just as powerful, fresh and revitalizing. The bottom line is this: Change keeps us fresh. Without it, we wither, we get stale, we get small. I’m not saying that everyone should shake up their lives as drastically as I did, but I am saying that if you haven’t stepped to your edge lately, it’s time.

To begin, ask yourself this question: What have I been wanting to do? What change have I been wanting to make? Don’t worry about the answer being something that is huge, but be sure it is something that would mean a lot to you if it was done.

And forget about all the reasons why you haven’t done it until now, because beating yourself up over it won’t get you closer to making a change. One of the things I love about coaching principles is that we don’t get stuck on all the ‘stuff’ from your past, but rather embrace the saying: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life – now get to it.” Tomorrow is going to come, whether you make the change or not.

What would life be like if in fact you accomplished this thing that you’ve been wanting to do, this change you’ve been wanting to make? Spend a few minutes really thinking about that, or if writing things down is more effective for you, journal about it.

It’s time. It’s time to make a change, to keep fresh, to get big. You owe it to yourself, to those you touch, and to the world at large.

As I refresh my own career, I am committed to helping those who are ready to make important, meaningful and sustainable change, one step at a time.  Please contact me if you are one of them.

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