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Our Mission: BGCoaching & Consulting is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations create lasting change. Barbara Gottesman, Founder and Certified Coach, inspires her clients to make their next steps really count by clarifying motivations, needs and goals, and developing effective action plans that work.

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How to Slay a Pirate CoverAvailable June 4, 2013!

How to Slay a Pirate: Lessons on Success from Sailing the Pacific is the ultimate guide to achieving exciting and real success by inspiring you to set your goals in motion, slay your pirates, and finally achieve what you’ve only dreamed of until now.

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Upcoming Workshops

Re-Invent Your Career Self: Exploring Career Possibilities

Explore compelling and detailed possibilities for new career paths with other like-minded women, in a supportive and motivating atmosphere.

What’s Standing in my Way? Creative Strategies for Career Success

Get past any Pirates (negative self-talk and conflicting thoughts and beliefs) that are obstacles to pursuing career goals, and gain momentum for achieving them.